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Monday, February 13, 2012

Polymer Clay Cabs 3 (magma)

My boyfriend came home on Friday with a pasta machine from his work, since I had asked him if they were selling any at the store he's working in. I am a very happy girl, lol!

I took the pasta machine out for its first spin on Saturday and damn... It's addictive! Think I made three different canes and about three collections of cabochons, just as I wanted them, heh.
I didn't really do anything specific when it came to the canes. I simply experimented my way forward and saw how the results ended up looking.
Something I had a problem with to get right in the beginning was to make a skinner blend, heh. After my second try, I managed to get it perfect.

Here's the first collection of cabochons...

The cane I made for this bunch is rather simple, as you can see...
This was my very first attempt at a skinner blend, not entirely a perfect skinner blend, but it works for this to be honest. What I did was to do the skinner blend and use that as the base for the cane. Then I added a very thin layer of black clay around the skinner blend base. I then added a thin sheet of gold above the black and then another thin black sheet on the gold.
Here I rolled out the cane and then I cut it in pieces, till then attach the pieces a bit here and there next to each other. The pattern kinda reminds me of a turtle shell...
As you can see on the tear drop cabs in the lower right corner, they look completely different then the other cabs. I used what was left of the round cane I made in the start, then I simply flattened it an ran it through the thickest setting on the pasta machine to later roll the clay up to create a spiral. after I had the spiral I did the same thing as on the first cane; divided the cane in parts and then pressed them together to get this spiral like effect.
As for the cabochon just to the right above the tear drops, I just used some cut off access clay from the cane and mixed it randomly and then pressed it into the mold :)

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