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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

BTW - 29th February 2012

Here we go, my very first Bead Table Wednesday post :)

This week I've actually been working on three different projects, lol. Too many balls in the air *chough*!
At first I was working, very focused on a celini spiral project (we'll see what it will turn out into), but I after a while I got bored and wanted to try out something else that I've been having in mind since a while. Of course I'm gonna finish up the celini spiral, I bought the 5/0 pink seed beads only for this purpose so, heh :p

The second project I ended starting is a pair of circular brick stitch earrings with two round 12mm Swarovski pearls together with Swarovski bicones and some Miyuki and Toho seed beads. I saw this tutorial on YouTube about these pair and decided I wanted to try it, since they look really cute; I'll provide a link to the tutorial in the post where I'll post the finished earrings - the link is on my PC and I'm  on my laptop at the moment :)
 The purple circle you can see next to the finished earring is an experiment of mine. I'm trying to create a pattern for a circular peyote stitch using twin beads. I have a design in my sketchbook that I wanted to use something like this for. I'm not 100% satisfied with the one that is on the photo yet, and I need to alter it a bit more until I'll get what I'm after.

The very last thing I managed to finish up after I've been working on it for a week or two is a two-drop peyote cuff pattern.
I decided to work on normal paper with a pen since I seem to do that better then directly on the computer for some reason, lol. I'm going to either scan it or paint it into the computer later, we'll see. Here's a little preview of it anyway :)

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