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Friday, February 24, 2012

Memory Wire Bracelet

I've been having memory wire bracelet in 10 loops (I think) laying around since some time now... Probably about a year now... I've only used it once when I did a one looped bracelet that.. Ugh, I don't like anymore :D
I guess if you look back at a year from when you created something you can notice that your skills and techniques evolved way pass that.

Anyway! :D
I decided on making something small using two of the loops this time, lawl. I've still been staring at those darn peach colored pearls that I used a couple of to make that CRAW rope with earlier. And the thought of them together with some intense blue color just... Damn , I had to do it! So I combined them with the very last of my turquoise pearls in the same size together with some white AB spacer beads and made a cute little bracelet.
I actually like it, heh.

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