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About Me

Name: Anna Ingegerd Fjellborg
Born: 9th October 1987
Interests: Beading, drawing & painting, photographing, webdesign, music, movies, writing, reading, gaming, manga/anime.
Dislikes: False people, homophobia, racism, prejudiced people and bullshit.
Favorite Beading Stitches: Peyote, Right Angle Weave & Backstitch 2-3 and Pecot fringe for Bead Embroidery.
Favorite Beading Style: Depends, but I prefer to work with strong colors and contrasts, and give a deep into my pieces.
Favorite Brands: Swarovski, Toho,  Myuiki, Matsuno, Preciosa and FIMO.
Favorite Beading Threads: It must be SoNo! Else I also work with K.O, Nymo and once in a while with FireLine.
Favorite Beaders: Sherry Serafini, Heidi Kummli and Rachel Nelson-Smith.


My name is Anna and I’m grown up in a small village in northern Sweden, also known as JukkasjÀrvi.
I’ve always dedicated most of my life into creating things, whatever it be painting, drawing, writing or craftsmanship.

When I was 15 I moved to the northern east coast of Sweden to study at the Gymnasium there. I studied at the Mediaprogramme deepening into Motion Picture. I also studied graphic design, webdesign, photographing, multimedia and mediacommunication.

When I was 21, I met the love of my life, my lovely boyfriend. A year later I decided to move to him, in Belgium, in Flanders and remain here.
Currently I’m trying to become fluent in Dutch and also evolve my jewelry making business. Later, I’m also planning on taking some French lessons to adapt myself even more to the culture of the country.

Besides my boyfriend I also share a house together with three cats, female cats even. My boyfriend already had a cat when I first met him and she’s currently seven years old. After living together for two years we moved into the house we now live in and after living half a year in the house we decided to adopt a kitten. Instead of one we ended up with two, cute little sisters whom are just the sweetest.

My interest in jewelry making has always been there, ever since I was a child.
It started out at the local, yearly summer market we had in the village, when me and my grandmother ran into one of her friends who made, and sold her own jewelry by assembling them; stone to findings.

My grandmother used to make these gorgeous figurines and jewelry pieces using polymer clay (Cernit) and I was able to try making my own pieces, working with clay.

After I moved for my studies, I became even more involved in making my own pieces. I started out with some silk ribbons, a sewing machine and some beads and charms that I’d picked up from the local textile and craft store. I then began making chokers to go with my own personal style. 

At the beginning of last year (2011), I came across bead weaving and wire working. After buying  a book over wire jewelry I decided it was time to try this out for myself, so I ordered some beads and wire from Amazon and then I began playing around and learning the basic techniques.
The book I bought also had a very small section about beadweaving (off-loom weaving). That definitely caught my interest the most! I purchased some seed beads and thread and began trying out the techniques until I finally was hooked up in it.
Today I’m beading every moment when I have the time for it and when I feel the need to get my inspiration out of my head.

The medium of beading I enjoy the most at this point must be bead embroidery. I remember how I always used to work with normal embroidery (cross stitch etc. I do not know all the names in English) in my spare time, and during sewing lessons in school. I suppose that is why I enjoy bead embroidery so much, and I tend to see it as literally "painting with beads".

With my work and my blog, I do hope to inspire like-minded people just like me.
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