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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bracelet: See Me

I wanted to share with you (my readers) the most recent piece that I created. A bracelet, yet again, created with bead embroidery. Yep, yep... Bead embroidery is definitely the medium of beading that has got me hooked! I'm probably repeating myself about that ones in a while in some posts, but that's just cause I feel so passionate about it! ^^;

So yeah, this bracelet...
First time creating a bracelet like this without using a brass cuff sandwiched between the beading foundation and the backing. Why? I wanted to make something different. I've been having it in my mind for some time that I wanted to create a bracelet which uses buttons as a closure, but in a way so that the bracelet itself would overlap and hide the buttons. You probably get the picture of what I'm trying to explain...

The first thing I did before beading was to play around and create a pretty basic template that I could work with. I first cut out a strip from an A4 paper, I measured how wide I wanted the bracelet to be, then I used that strip and put it around my wrist and began to measure it out until I found it just perfect.

I knew that I wanted to use different shades of blue colors in the bracelet so what I did first, naturally, was to pick out some cabochons that would look nice to play around with. Since I didn't have a specific design in mind, I simply just put the cabs in random places and stopped playing around with them until I felt that they were in the right position. The exception with the randomness was with the 18mm Swarovski rivoli though, as I placed that in the middle on purpose.

I'm definitely going to create more bracelets like this one in the future. I've already got the inspiration in mind for what I want to create next. However I think, well I will put out the basic rule for myself - I'm not going to start on another one of these bracelets until I've finished at least one of the big collars I'm working on, lol!

Do you also have a bunch of different projects going on at the same time? That just keeps piling up?
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