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Monday, February 6, 2012


Okey, so I was bored, and I was too lazy to even bother about making a 3D beaded star using this tutorial that I found on how to make 'em.
The simple reason to that was that I had to create two separate stars using right angle weave and then stitch 'em together.
I had tried my hands on this last month and for some reason I screwed it up and some of the units on one the stars was way out of what it was supposed to be.
So I laid this project on ice...

Yesterday I began to ponder about the 3D beaded star again and I couldn't help but thinking how it would end up if I would use cubic right angle weave instead of simple, flat right angle weave. It ends up into a 3D shape when stitched together anyway, no?

And yarp! It worked, I have now I perfectly beaded 3D star hanging in a key-chain from my bag, lol.

It wasn't really enough with just the cubic right angle weave to get the star tho. When everything was stitched together the star was kinda loose and way too flexible. What I did to give it a more solid shape is that I added a few beads on each side of the outer sides.
I did the same for the inner edges, but I had to remove the beads again, as that made the star look too much like some sort of flower, and that was definitely not what I was trying to get, heh.

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