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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CRAW rope - Peach

I spent the last two days working on a cubic right angle weave rope.
I wanted to get some more practice working with CRAW so I decided on making an opera length necklace that you can fold in double around your neck, or make a know with... And other stuff, lol.

I decided on a pretty simple pattern when I made this. I wanted 10 units of CRAW and then a 6mm glass pearl in the same color.
The seed beads I used were 11/0's and in peach with a frosted AB finish, and I think this works as an advancement to flatter the 6mm glass pearls I added. It kinda makes 'em stick out a lot more then if I would have been using just peach opaque or transparent :)

I just managed to get a hold of these gorgeous glass pearls when I went to the craft store in the nearby city; they had a 50% discount on everything jewelry related that they had stuffed in a box. Of course I had to dig my hands in there... And I made some other treasuries then just these beads! :D

1 comment:

Charters said...

They look great! Lovely colour.

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