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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bracelet: Victorian Twist

I've been having these gorgeous Tila beads in antique rose that kinda reminded me of Victorian Renaissance fashion. Might just be me, but that's how I ended up with the color scheme I picked for this little set.
 I have some transparent lilac lined light rose that just fitted perfectly together with the Tila beads. These two colors were kinda nice, but I wanted to add a little different twist to the color scheme to make it "pop". I decided to add hyacinth orange in with the other two colors.

For my first project I decided on making a bracelet, using the Tila beads as the main focus. I just simply used ladder stitch to make three different rows with the Tilas. I then joined them together by adding the hyacinth colored seed beads in between like a cross. To add something a little extra I also decided to add a hyacinth heart bead here and there in a pattern where I would normally add the hyacinth orange seed beads.
I used the transparent lilac lined light rose seedies for a picot fringe just to cover up that thread on-top of the Tilas.
And yes, of course I had to add that lilac/amethyst acrylic button for this one (I used one also for the purple weaver bracelet made out of twin beads) since it fit so nicely onto the open clasp I made. At first I was going to add a heart shaped clasp, but after trying that out I decided to just add the button. The metal (silver or gold) just took away the attention from the bracelet itself, so I felt that I had to kill that since the bracelet was the main focus of it (duh, lol).

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