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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Reason for Being very Inactive

I thought I would come out from the shadows on this part. I've been meaning to write this post some weeks ago but I haven't really been that much in the mood.
Some of you probably have noticed that I haven't been much active on any of the social media platforms I'm usually hanging out on, of course there's a reason for everything.

A lot has happened during the the past 6 months. Both positive and negative.

Me and my now husband got married on 30th of August and then he was able to take three weeks vacation and we spent all that time with each other, just enjoying each others company.

A few weeks later I got to hear about my grandfather, which has been like a father to me during my childhood. I haven't really seen him since I moved to Belgium, and last time when we were up on vacation I wasn't able to see him. We had planned on meeting him on the Sunday before we would travel further to see my aunt (who lives 4 hours south east, if you travel by car), but he couldn't make it back to his home on time to meet us...
Since a few years back he's been kinda sick; feeling very nauseous and throwing up saliva each morning. He's been going to the doctors for a while trying to find a reason for his symptoms, but nothing until that month after our wedding.
I called my aunt and she said that the doctors had called back about the x-rays (which they did on his head), which they took some weeks before I called her this time.
He has a tumor...
They didn't know at this point if it's a bad one or a good one... He also got an appointment with a specialist in UmeƄ for a consultation, which he had to wait for for almost two months.
Then my whole family had to play the waiting game.

Two weeks ago I called my aunt since I knew it was about that time she would have followed him to the specialist since I had spoken to her some days earlier as well.
We still don't know if it's a good one or a bad one.
The specialist said he had three options to choose from; he could just go on like normal without doing anything, but keep going to checkups and take medication against his nausea, but the tumor -might- grow.
The second option was to have an operation to put in a "wire" that leads from his head into his stomach, since he has water in his head as well.
The final option is to remove it, which the specialist himself recommended, and also is the option he choose. The operation is risky, and the specialist said he was gonna try to get it done in January or February, but it could delay till March.
So we're all doing the waiting game. Again.

Since it's almost the end of the year I wanted to share a bit of myself with you, my readers, and keep you somewhat updated to what has been going on.
If I don't blog against before 2015, which I'm pretty sure I won't. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and hope you all get a moment together with all those you cherish and love. Never take them for granted.
I also wish you a wonderful beginning of the new year, 2015.

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