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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Broach - Pink Bow

I've been seeing these simply adorable beaded bows around the web ever since I began blogging myself. I've been wondering how exactly they are created. They look like some sort of peyote stitch creations, no? Actually they are created from four brick stitch diamonds in two different sizes and then joined together.

You can have a look at the pattern yourself by clicking here. The website is in Russian, but it's pretty easy to understand and to figure out since the graphs are pretty clear.

I had no idea what to do with the finished bow once it was completed, I just wanted to make it, heh =P
Although, in the end I decided to glue it stuck to a broach back and make it into a broach. My very first one, lol. At least I bought some broach backs if I would end up making one in the future, even if I don't really use 'em myself.

I used 11/0 crystal lined pale rose (name of the color) seed beads to create it.
The broach is about 5cm (2 inces) in length.
I might even end up making more of these since I kinda fell in love with them, lol! Nah, I just find them darn cute :)

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