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Friday, September 23, 2011

Update - I still live!

Yeh, I haven't really been too active this nor the previous week. The reason is that I've been rather sick, and I haven't had enough strength to blog at all, nor to do much beading either. I'm still a tad bit sick, I woke up this morning with a running nose as well...
I just wanted to update and show that I'm not dead yet, and also share some minor stuff that happened this week.

I finally were able to go and pick up my new glasses, which I ordered two weeks ago at the store were I bought my previous ones.
I couldn't resist these. They were so shiny and damn smooth.
And while I were waiting for them to open again (lunch break) I went to the store where I buy some of my beads to see if they for ones had received some new ones in store, which they had. O'boy, they had. There were a lot of new stuff which I wanted BUT... I won't pay 3 euros for one single bead that wasn't really worth the money, so my purchase ended up a bit smaller then I hoped, but I had planned for that to happen anyway!

I added some pics of what I bought, and I also added a posing cat just for the fun of it lol, and because she's so damn cute.

I bought a few of these disc beads, which are just beautiful. They have a rainbow pearl effect shine on the surface.

Yum yum.

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