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Monday, September 5, 2011

Earrings: Magma

So I sat up last night and began to doodle on a pair of earrings, using a slightly different type of sculptural peyote stitch. At first it was really just an experiment to see where it would take me, and after finishing up the first one, I decided on making a second one as well.

I used 11/0 seed beads in amber lined white, and some 15/0 seed beads in gunmetal. Then I also added a little bottom, using 4mm beads also in gunmetal.
I felt at that point that the pair were a tad bit incomplete... then I came up with this idea to add an 8mm fire polished glass pearl in the center, so it would be kinda framed.

After I finished both of them up, feeling that this is how I wanted 'em, I still were struggling with something else; ear hocks and jump-rings. The only metal I have laying around is silver, and I felt that if I would add silver, it might come out a bit too strong.
And today, I also ended up getting stuck in traffic on my first bus (where some accident on the road,. not sure what had happened yet), and I missed my second one. So I popped over to that store again to have a look around. And luckily, they had gotten some new stuff in, and they also had some ear hocks and jump-rings in gunmetal... Joink! Mine!

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