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Friday, September 9, 2011

September Moodboard

Yay, it's up again!
The Moodboard for September at Operation Tackle That Bead Stash! 
If you wanna go directly to the post just click here.
I was really excited when I saw the color scheme I had as a choice to chose and immediately I began thinking which ones of my colors I should use, and how.

After I'd played around with the ones I chose I suddenly decided on making a free-form bracelet for the first time...  Instead of the normal single bead peyote stitch I chose to work with two drop, simply cause I wanted to work with something else that I hadn't tried before as well.

 When I decided on the free-form I tossed in some more beads in different sizes and shapes; 8/0's, 9/0's, 15/0's, bugles, pearls etc. For an attachment I used a three-loop and a magnetic clasp.

The free form was actually a really fun experience and I'll definitely do that again in the near future! And also recommend anyone who haven't tried it yet to give it a shot, cause it's really, really fun.

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