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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ring: Herfst Sakura

I sat yesterday doodling with peyote and made some cute little flower petals with the stitch, using baby pink, or sakura pink - whatever you wanna call it... Barbie pink even lol.

Anyway, I used this pink color to the free-form peyote bracelet I posted yesterday, and I kinda got in the mood of doing something with the very small amount I had of 'em. *whispers insainly* Actually I got so attached to the color so I'm gonna buy more next time...

Anyway! Again!
I managed to get a peak in the book "My Beaded Garden" by Diane Fitzgerald. Which is a really awesome and handy book if you wanna try to bead flowers using beads and THREAD, and not wire. Damn, I was so happy when I found out about this book. When I've been looking around the internet and googled for tutorials on how to make beaded flowers I only end up with getting the ones you make with wire, and yeh, made me mutter.

I tried a very simple petal, which I made five duplication on, and then I stitched 'em together in a herringbone stitch way, and then I added some 4mm glass pearls in the middle. I'd already decided on making the flower into a ring when I'd made the first petal, and so I decided on using the very same color scheme for the ring itself as I used on the bracelet I posted yesterday. And voila! A cute little ring that goes together with the bracelet, a matching little cute pair...

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