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Friday, May 25, 2012

Jewelry Design Star

I decided to participate in's "Jewelry Design Star" this month.

I would love to get some support on my "Emerald Dream" cuff :)

Make sure to participate in this yourself, if you haven't already during the next one ^.^


Halinka said...

I'm terribly sorry,I didn't comment upon Your earlier work,for I have had a little amount of problems here-maybe someday a bit about them-in e-mails-not here.
I haven't forgotten about You and I am not going to:-)
The challenge seems to be enchanting,but I cannot take part in,as there will be some problems with making things accurately in term,as well as with photos,as my Husband's going to be home only at weekends.I'll be making one thing weekly and one thing weekly will have the photos and a blog post each time.
Of course I'll be still observing and commenting upon Your progress in the challenge,You've written about,keeping my fingers cross for You and Wishing You Good Luck:-)
Warm Hugs from too hot Sweden-Halinka-

Halinka said...

I've seen in my counter Your visits in my blog.I was so glad to see them.Thank You very much and Best Greetings

Dawn Doucette said...

Anna, I love your cuff! I saw that this morning when I was looking at all the entries! Gorgeous job and good luck!

Anna Fjellborg said...

@Halinka To be honest I've been missing your wonderful comments, they are so nice and pleasant to read :)
I really understand that you're having a busy time, and of course you want to spend as much time possible with your husband since you're not seeing him that often.

@Dawn Thank you so much, it makes me really happy that you like it :)

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