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Friday, May 4, 2012

Earrings: Astrid

I spent part of my afternoon (after doing some shores around the house) to again, play with this really cute beaded bead, which is made with using peanut beads (or farfalle) and some Miyuki fringe beads.
The pattern for the beaded bead (popcorn bead) is created by "The Beading Butterfly" and can be accessed for free here.

 After making a matching pair I tried one of them out together with some other beads on a head-pin, to see if I could get some simple earring design out of it.
I thought they looked just lovely together with some acrylic/plastic oval beads that I've been having in my stash since a while. At first, when I made the wrapped-loop I first attached the head-pin directly to the ear-hook but I didn't like how it looked like, so I decided to play around with some chain and experimented how it looked like with different amounts of chain links and found out that three looked the best.

I actually liked the somewhat classic/retro look of the earrings so I decided to make another pair with the remaining acrylic/plastic beads I had. Well, I had five but I have no idea at the moment what to do with the last - that will teach me to buy uneven amounts when they are sold per piece, lol.


Halinka said...

I do hope,You're fine,because I can see Your new creation:the very unique earrings.Very interesting composition of colors and shapes-they must be fine in wearing/hanging and ringing :-)/.

Anna Fjellborg said...

Thank you so much :)

Yes, I'm starting to feel a lot better, the swelling is completely gone and the rash also. I still need to take the antibiotics 'till Sunday for them to work to 100%.
But yes, feeling great again! :)

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