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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wishlist: Coral

About a month ago or so I decided  to buy a strand of Bamboo Coral chip beads since I was really curious about how they actually look in real life, compared to what I've seen on photos.
Darn, they are really beautiful! They have such a brilliant red color that I just love.
I decided to put together this short article with a couple of different coral beads and cabs, mostly with bamboo corals.

I think they harvest the bamboo coral in Asia, if I remember right, and then dye it to look more like the exotic red coral which can be found in the sea south of France.
The red coral is actually an endangered specie there, due to the facts that it have been harvested too much over the centuries for its beauty.
Bamboo Coral Rondelles from Perles&Co.
4mm round Bamboo Coral beads from I-BEADS.
Fossilised Coral Cabochon from Kernowcraft.
Pink Coral Chip Beads from Kernowcraft.
Red Bamboo Coral Carved 8mm Flowers from

1 comment:

Halinka said...

Very Coral Wishes:-)
I like it very much in all shapes and forms,also colors.
It seems to me ,that I'm finishing slowly the amount of coral I had at home.I have only some average balls and the 'Marquise* shapes left.I'd also have to think about the little order,but now I have got stack with the bigger project and Haven't finished it yet and as probably YOu know from my blog posts-my Husband's only at weekends at home and He's a photographer,so my blog's going to be out of the new posts during the coming week,because I haven't managed to finish the necklace yet.
The photos and the new blog post will be the following weekend,as there's still long way before me-I think more than two long evenings of the intensive work,before it is finished.
Warm Greetings-Halinka-

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