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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hair Clip: Freya

Starting off this post with saying that I haven't been able to either blog or make anything jewelry related at all of the facts that I've been having a rather serious disease. 
My hands and feet have been completely swollen up like balloons and I've had a very annoying rash pretty much all over. I went to the doctor last week on Friday and he took a sample of my blood and also gave me some medicine against the rash and the swelling, which didn't help a bit.
On Monday (darn weekend) I got the result, and it turned out to be a rather serious infection in my blood stream. 
I got some really strong antibiotics and they're helping. 
Again I'm able to sit at the computer and to play around with beads, which I've missed loads! :)

So, enough about that, heh.

I managed to finally finish up this bead embroidery hair clip that I was working on for the April's Challenge at "Operation Tackle That Bead Stash!". I didn't manage to finish it on time though, before the deadline, but it was something different then what I've done so far, so I'm happy anyway.
The cabochons are handmade with polymer clay (by me as always). Then we have some mother-of-pearl buttons and a crystal flower from Swarovski.
The seed beads I used were in sizes 11/0 and 15/0, from Matsuno, Miyuki and Preciosa, and some 1.5mm Miyuki cube beads.


Halinka said...

I' so sorry for You;reading Your post I got really frightened,that the blood infection can cause such effect.It might be the result of even the most usual cold.
I think,everything's going fine,thanks to the antibiotics,which will have You al right in couple of days.
The hair clip is fantastic.I love the shape of it and warm,sunny colors.I am getting more and more enchanted with the beading embroidery.
Warm Hugs to You-Halinka-

Peapod Beads said...

Sorry you have been unwell, but glad you are now recovering! I am also glad you made something for the challenge even if it didn't make the deadline.

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