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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Button Frenzy!

I've always found buttons really fun to look at, ever since my grandma took me with her to the fabric store when she was gonna buy fabric to make curtains. I remember how I used to look at all the shiny, beautiful and interesting looking buttons in the tubes the store sold them in.

These are some of the buttons I received from my aunt.
A while ago my aunt told me she was going to take a look in a new opened second hand store that just opened near their neighborhood. As I just got an interest for incorporating and using buttons here and there in my beadwork, I asked her if she could keep an eye out for some interesting buttons, if they would have any. A couple of days later I called her and she told me that she found a couple and was gonna send them down when my mom would come over here for a visit.

Now... Somehow my grandmother had heard that I was looking for buttons and had also sent with her "a couple" too.
A couple? She sent a huge bag loaded with buttons, not only that she had bought, but the ones she had collected from her mother and her mother in law.
When I opened the bag, I could not believe my eyes and I did not know where to start. So out of instinct, I began to dig in the bag and look what kind of shinies were in there.

I collected a few memorable out of the bag and cleaned them with a napkin and took some photos of them, and also of some of the ones my aunt gave me.
These are some of the many buttons I received from my grandma.

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