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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Necklace: Emerald Twirl

For those who remember the "Polymer Clay Cabs 6 (emerald)" I made in February, they probably  recognize the pattern on this focal bead I made. 
I still have some of the cane I made for them left and I wanted  to try making a polymer clay bead with the bicone shape, and I decided to overlap a completely black circle of clay with the cane and then roll it. Actually, to achieve this bicone result, instead of rolling the clay in your hands to a circle you used a flat, hard surface against your working surface with the same movement, and as you go the surface on the clay turns into a spiral and depending on how long you work the clay like this, the more extreme the spiral gets.

So, I had completely no idea what to make of this rather big bead, until I noticed the couple of bails I had in my stash since a while. So I turned it into something simple but just attaching it to the bail, then to a chain and then the chain to a lobster clasp, and viola! 

"Less is more" as they say...

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