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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bracelet: Dalia 2

I decided to make a different version of the bracelet Dalia that I did last year since I really liked the design of it. The original is in black, red and gold. So this time I decided to step out of my comfort zone of working with dark colors and went completely bright.
Those crystal/silver lined twisted bugle beads have been whispering to me of lately that I need to do something with them. I just didn't know what until now.
So I went with the "baby-princess" theme on this one and decided to incorporate those gorgeous light pink alabaster seed beads by Miyuki that I bought 100g of from GJBeads the beginning of this year. As for the center in the flowers in the rows between the bugles I decided to add crystal/lined gold seed beads by Matsuno since it gave some more contrast to the piece. The rest of the white seed beads are also by Matsuno in a white color with AB finish. All of the seed beads I used, besides the bugles, are 11/0's.

I actually like how it turned out a lot, not that I think I could wear these colors myself, since... It doesn't fit with my style, lol :P


Halinka said...

PINKY,yeah?? :-))
Beautiful,flowery one.
And the use of straws-mmmmmm....
have I told You,that I have got one box full straws in variety of colors?Practically,I do not know,what to do with them.I was given once,by a Danish owner of the shop.Probably all she had thinking,that it will not be sold.
I was happy to be given,but clearly saying-I have no examples of patterns for straws.Only a few of them and I'mm looking for the 'straw inspiration'.Your bracelet is one of them.I love the design-fantastic idea for the use of straws.

Anna Fjellborg said...

Thank you so much :)
I haven't really been using the sraws that much either, only once in a while. I that classical fear of having my thread shredding, which actually happened once or twice while making this one, but it worked out easily since it's made with peyote stitch :)

I've mostly been incorporating my straws once in a while in some bead embroidery pieces out of randomness. It's fun ^.^

Hugs Anna

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