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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Necklace: Denim

Finished up this piece about a day ago, after laying it to the side trying to figure out how to execute it. It actually looks nice, and kinda unisex, which I wanted with it.
My main goal with this piece was to create something masculine, I just have a huge problem getting myself out of my own feminine zone and making something directed towards the opposite gender.

Aaand my boyfriend isn't the best help in the world either to look for an opinion about this either. He's not wearing any accessories at all, not even a watch, so it makes my life harder, lol.
At least I managed to force him into wearing it so I could see how it would look like on a guy, and it looks really nice. I wasn't allowed to take pictures of him with it on at all, not even if it was just from the bust... Mean! Lol.

The chain I used is a copper chain and it's aprox. 63cm, and it hangs down towards the center of the chest. The pendant is aprox. 5x5cm (2x2") and is, of course made with bead embroidery.
In the center is a tiger's eye bead that I decided to use for this piece.
I wanted to incorporate so less rounded shapes as possible and go with square shapes, since they are more masculine.

1 comment:

Halinka said...

This is the wonderful pendant.I like its modern look and very beautiful sort of beads You have used.As men's jewelry should be worn with no objections.Even for women would be fantastic.This is the 'serious' piece of jewelry and its design is very unique.You've conquered the challenge easily:-)
The 'experiment' has occured very successful:-))

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