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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ring: Crazy

So yeh, like the title says "Crazy" I decided to combine some crazy looking colors; crazy together, kinda... lol.
I actually made this cabochon with some left over polymer clay and just mushed them together into the cabochon mold I have and then peeled it out and did some final touching before baking it together with my earlier bunch of polymer clay cabs.

I was wondering what the heck I could possibly do with something that used these colors, and then it hit me. Lets make a bead embroidery ring just for fun! And yeh... So I did =P
I picked out some 11/0 dark transparent green silver lined seed beads and some 11/0 transparent pink silver lined seed beads, and some green iris 15/0 seed beads and began working.
When I finished the base, I began pondering about the ring base itself. And I ended up attaching an adjustable ring base just between the ultra suede and the stiff stuff, measuring where the ring would end up first, and drew a circle and cut the circle in the center from the with to the height, so it ended up with four open cake pieces.
 I stuffed the ring "head" through that hole and attached it with glue against the stiff stuff and then I glued the ultra suede in place, overlapping the ring base with the open cake slices to cover it up.

In the end I decided to add some diamond glaze onto the cabochon to make it shinier ^^;

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