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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Polymer Clay Cabs 2

My Amazing Mold Putty from Castin'Craft finally arrived yesterday in the mail. I've been looking for this product for so long, and I've never been able to find it from a store in Europe; there probably is a product that is like this one, but I just can't find it :\
This week I lost my patience, and I decided to order it from the American Amazon after figuring out that I can already there pay my import tax; was darn expensive to have it delivered here tho, lol.

I made a couple of mold yesterday evening and began trying out some cane techniques using polymer clay together with the cabochon molds that I made with the amazing mold putty.
I first began on a simple cane, layering white, black, pink and silver. Then I flattened the entire thing and made an "S" shape. Then I layered a ticker layer of black around it and began playing with that base.

After I made a couple of "S" signed cabs I decided to play even more with the cane I had. So I divided it in the middle in four pieces, and then put them together in a completely different order and got something really cool and abstract.

I ended up making a little collection of cabochons in different shapes and sizes with this cane, and I think It turned out pretty darn cool ^^;

Normally I've used the varnish from FIMO themselves, but I wanted to try applying some diamond glaze on the cabs since it is a varnish and gives a domed glass effect when it's dried. And the result on the photo says enough, waaaay better then the varnish from FIMO, and the diamond glaze really brings out the glitter and the silver pigments in the clay and makes them look more like glass then clay, kinda :)

Can't wait to do this again, I just need to pop by the local craft store and pick up some more polymer clay since I'm running low on the colors I'm using the most - black and white, lawl.

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