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Friday, January 20, 2012

Item of the Month: Thread Heaven

For this month's item, I decided on picking out the awesome thread conditioner "Thread Heaven".

To be honest, I've never ever worked with beeswax to conditioning my beading thread. I was first pondering about buying beeswax tho, when I first began with beading and went  to Nymo and K.O. After reading a couple of reviews on Amazon about Thread Heaven and after I even went to their official website; to read more about the product I was amazed and knew I had to get this.

Thread Heaven, compared to beeswax is developed and created only to conditioning thread and it also gives a longer lifetime to the thread.

Happy to say, the product is actually what the description says about it on their website, and I haven't been a day disappointed. I'm even planning on buying another box soonish. It is harder for the thread to fray and it decreases the chance of getting those horrible knots when you work with your beadwork. Of course, you'll still get a knot once in a while depending on the length of your thread. I also find that if you manage to get your thread tangled and messed up, after you have applied Thread Heaven to your thread it's much easier to get it untangled again then it would have been without using the product.
I know this, cause when I first began with beadweaving and went with Nymo, I didn't have this thread conditioner, and my thread would get tangled, frayed, knotted and messed up. It made me loose my patience and almost toss the whole piece in the wall (LOL).

My main opinion is that Thread Heaven is awesome, and I recommend it to anyone. As I mentioned earlier, I've never tried beeswax or any other thread conditioner then Thread Heaven and the product is so great that I would never even think of trying out the other stuff.

I give this product a 5/5 :)

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