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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Necklace: Seth

I finally managed to finish up this piece that I've been pondering about how the heck I should pull it out, lol.
I've completed part of the pendant itself last week, but I had a dilemma; I didn't know what chain I should make that possibly could go with this one.
So after some thinking, fiddling and working with other projects I decided that I would go with a rather skinny twisted herringbone chain. I wanted to keep it simple, cause I didn't want to over shine the pendant itself in any way. I know I sometimes can have a problem that I keep adding up and adding up until it really gets way too much.
But I think I managed to keep it the way I wanted, and make it just perfect :)

As for materials and techniques...
Well, I used bead embroidery to make the pendant itself. The cabochon is handmade by myself (I posted it in one of my earlier posts some time ago).
I also used some flat backs that I honestly can't remember where I got 'em from (probably dropped off from some old clothes or something... who knows? Lol at least I got to use 'em).
The green flat back at the top I peeled loose from one of my montees that I had laying around, lol. The rest of the beads are mostly 11/0's, 15/0's and 8/0's.

I had a main idea when I made the cabochon actually... I wanted to make something ancient Egypt inspired, so I carved some patterns into the cab to make it look like some sort of scarab inspired... Thing. It quickly changed when I began evolving the bead embroidery after I bezelled it. I ended up with something that looks like and eye on each side, so... I guess it's more surrealistic and free-form then something planned, but it normally end up like a free-form piece for some reason when I work with bead embroidery. 

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