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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Netted Beads and Beaded Bead

Had a lil' fun last night when I received my latest order of beads in the mail yesterday, a little gift I got from my mom.

In the weekend I've also worked on a little bracelet with 6mm and 4mm pearl, which I netted some 15/0 seed beads around.
Yesterday I wanted to do some more netting as well. I've been working on a bead-netted bracelet for about a week (lazy), using the technique they show in Creative Beading Vol. 5, from the Bead and Button Magazine. I wanted to experiment a bit with the stitch, and I've seen a lot for other beaders out there using different sizes of beads to make beaded beads or pendants. And since I had such a nice selection of round and fire polished beads from a topaz colored mix that I bought, I thought, hey lets use those!
And yah, it ended up kinda cute, heh =P

I also bought a couple of 12mm round wooden beads, simply cause I've been interested in making some beaded beads since a little while ago, and they do end up looking so cute (mostly).
For making the one I made I only used 15/0 seed beads in four different colors (alas, my stack of 15/0's are still very, very skinny compared to my collection of 11/0's).
Anyway, I worked my rows of circular peyote around the bead, increasing and finally decreasing. Was rather fun, and I might even try to work this out with 11/0's depends on when I get time to figure out how many seed beads I need per row compared to the 15/0's.

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