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Friday, August 26, 2011

Earrings: Cupcakes!

I were surfing around in DeviantArt the other day and came across this damn cute tutorial on how to make beaded cupcakes.
You can have a look at the tutorial and the rest of the gal's gallery by clicking here =)

As soon as I saw the tutorial I thought "hey, lets make some cute earrings", lol. Actually they are damn cute, and I'm not too much into beading sweeties or things that reminds of eatable stuff, but... Someday that "motto" ends up getting broken anyhow XD

Since I had a couple of 3mm bugle beads (the tutorial calls for 3mm) laying around in different color mixes, I decided on using those since I weren't even sure I were gonna use 'em in any bigger projects anyhow; You en up buying them shinies cause they are pretty not cause you think to 100% that you'll be needing it... That's with me anyhow. Dunno if other people are planning THAT much ahead.

I ended up making two pair in different color themes. Each cupcake goes really easy and fast, and the tutorial describes perfectly what and how you should do everything, and after I made my first cupcake I was fine to do the others without having to look back at the tutorial again.
The cupcake mainly is made by using square stitch, and daisy (for the round bead).

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