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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pendant: Tree of Life

So yeh. I've been in love with these wire wrapped Tree of Life images that is going on around the web - specially in DeviantArt. I've done a really small piece like this before, but I've been feeling that I've wanted to try it again.
This time I went WAY bigger than my first attempt. I haven't really measured the piece, but it's about the size of a palm ( a woman palm, lol).

Last week I ordered some pretty rose quartz chips, which I used together with some white moonstone chips that have been laying around, that I've been using now and then in different projects.

I took some length from a 20 gauge silver-plated copper wire and used a solid round form that I like as a mandrel. Then I used some 24 gauge silver-plated copper wire to make sure the circle would fit. I also used the same 24 gauge wire to make my branches, and I strung the  chips at the top of each branch. When I were happy with how long I wanted each branch I twisted the wires together until they reached the center or base of what would be the tree. When I were satisfied with how I wanted the center, I again separated each of the twisted wires again, and began working them in a way so it would look like tree roots were attached to the bottom of the circle itself.

The second process was slightly painful and annoying, cause the wire would twist pretty much into every direction and sting me, lol. I understand why people work with protective glasses when they work with wire - I wear glasses, but I think those protective glasses would most like have been better, but I can't see a shit without my glasses and I'm not having any lenses at the moment, heh.

After that second precess, I began using some parts of the 24 gauge wire and wrap it around the circle itself, and secure each of the wire at the top and the bottom to make sure they would stay in place.
I added a cute little silver-plated copper chain together with a lobster clasp to make the finished touch.

I would probably work a lot more with wire then what I do at the moment, since I really love working and having contact with metals (besides nickel, cause I'm very allergic to it like a lot of people).
I were browsing the net a couple of nights ago, and metal, specially sterling silver really is way too expensive now days. At the moment I have some copper and aluminum wires hanging around since about a year ago. Al tho copper  is also really expensive at this moment - hopefully the prices will drop one day, heh :P

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