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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Necklace: WYB

Yeh, I know... The name I gave this piece is odd, but I couldn't think of anything then white, yellow and black, hence the odd name which is short for the colors, lol.

So the thing with this piece is that I had this palette in mind for some time. The colors hanging loosely but in the same sequence in different strands. That's why I ended up a multi-strand necklace. It's the very first time I make one of these babies, and while I were designing the idea, I were also pondering how I were going to join the strands together smoothly. At first I had an idea of making some bigger pyramids using ladder and brick stitch, where I would attach the strands.

However, the idea quickly turned, and I wanted to try to make a beaded cone, so I did. I made it using herringbone stitch, after looking at some tutorials on how to make those cute flowers using kinda the same technique.

When I completed the cones I picked up some gold-plated head-pins and attached the strands one by one in the eye of the eye-pin. When I had the amount of strands I wanted, and had them attached to two eye-pins, I used some crafting glue and put it around the threads and the eye of the eye-pin so it would be extra secure.
Then I added each strand into the beaded cones I made earlier, and finished each one of them off with a 4mm glass bead and made a wire wrapped loop and attached some gold-plated jump-rings and a gold plated magnetic clasp.

To be honest, this isn't really anything I think I'm gonna be wearing myself. But since the idea and the mental image that I had about this piece kinda haunted me, I knew I just had to go through with it. I picked up some new experiences while making this necklace so I enjoyed it at the same time :)

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