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Monday, December 12, 2011

Bracelet: Indigo

I decided to take a little break from my main project that I'm currently working on and make a little simple bracelet that takes about 1-1.5hour to make.

I got my hands on some new 4mm cube beads that I wanted to do something with. I noticed then that I bought a blue fuchsia lined 1.5mm cube beads as well some time ago. So I had 4mm and 1.5mm cubes of the same color type that I could work with.
I decided on making a cuff like bracelet with elastic in it, so I wouldn't have to bother about ruining the design of what I had in mind by adding some finding to the piece.

I ladder stitched the 4mm cubes on each other until I had seven resting on each other. Then I made five more of these. I had a pattern in mind on how I wanted to string the beads which I wanted in-between the 4mm cube ladders. I used 4mm glass pearls in dark purple,gold lined silver 11/0's, 10mm bugles in gold and at last in the center a 1.5mm cube bead and then repeat the first part again.

I used a big eye needle to get my elastic thread through the 4mm cubes. It makes the stringing a lot easier then if I would just have used the elastic thread on its own (I tried). Alas  I had some problems with the big eye needle and the elastic thread; the big eye needle turned out to be rather sharp on the inside where the thread goes, and as I threaded on bead after bead, after a while the elastic was cut off. I had to move around the elastic in the opening of the big eye needle once in a while to make sure it didn't break that quickly again.

I'm definitely make more of these in the future, since they go fast and ends up looking so cute and shiny depending on what beads you chose :)

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