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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bracelet: Frost Flower

Finally managed to get my fingers out of my ass and tidy up my room, and make it look like a working studio where I can make and design my jewelries.
It's still not 100% completed cause I still need some more furniture to get it as I've imagined :)
At the moment it's 100% possible to work there tho. I got this awesome tool case (or mini tool shelf) from my father-in-law just for the reason so I could store findings, tools, beads etc.

I also received my beads which I got as a present from my lovely bf. I had been longing for this since a while, since I've been having in mind what designs I want to fulfill using the beads I've ordered and now with the awesome work space it's like a dreamland! :D (need to get my hands on a radio tho, it's dead silence like on a graveyard lol).

So, the very first thing I made this Saturday was a little bracelet which kinda speaks "snow" or "winter" about it. It was the idea kinda. The moment I saw the silver lined crystal seed beads I ordered I thought they reminded me of ice. Pure ice.
I also intended on adding simple little leaves in, like fringe, which you can see on the photos. I used double spiral rope stitch to make the base itself of the bracelet, and embellished it with leaf fringes, frosted cube beads with an AB finish, and some 6/0 crystal beads also with an AB finish.
The clasp is only made out of beads. And I made the button using an 8mm glass bead, and then I used circular brick stitch. Instead of making the button only white, I had this image in my head; when it get really cold in northern Sweden you can see this pale pink and light blue colors in the sky. That is what I kinda wanted to embed in the piece.

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Malia said...

Very elegant and lovely! W

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