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Friday, December 30, 2011

Bracelet: Tri-po

Finished another bracelet that I've been wanting to do for some time.
I've been wanting to use cube beads and use brick stitch, since I think those two are a great combination together.
So last week when my order of 20g of 4mm black opaque and 20g of 4mm red opaque AB cube beads arrived I decided on making this one.

Now, I were wondering a bit over the design on how to make it a bit more special, and then it hit me to make a set of different pyramid units and then stitch 'em together overlapping the space, so the bracelet still would follow a straight line.
I do remember that I've seen this particular design a bit here and there on the web, so, no it's not my original idea :)

For the clasp I decided on just adding a pair of 8mm black glass pearls on the top and the bottom of one side, and then on the opposite side a pair of loops where the glass pearls would fit into.

I must say that I like the retro sort of style this bracelet brings. And compared to using seed beads the cube beads really makes the bracelet stiff and also thick and also reminds of a cuff when wearing it.

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