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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pendant: RAW heart

I did this piece some time ago, and decided on finish it up yesterday since I finally manage to make up my mind on what I wanted to do with it.
In the end it ended up as a pendant with a chain attached to it, and is now underway to Sweden as a x-mas present for "someone".

The pendant is made with right angle weave. Each side; the front and the back is made separately and then joined together.
I can't quite remember where I found this pattern, cause it's a pattern I used. But if I manage to find it out I'll post it :)

The beads I used were 11/0 seed beads, 4mm violet lustre firepolished beads.

Afterwards I stuffed a handmade head-pin together with some crafting glue inside of the heart, and then I added a jump-ring and attached the piece to a silver-plated copper chain along with a lobster clasp.

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