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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Necklace: Cascade Coral

I've been wanting to do a cascade styled necklace for a while, but I've always postpone it and started on something else.
Last month I bought about 100g of 11/0 and 9/0 seed beads by Preciosa in coral red color. I wanted to do a cascade necklace using these colors ever since I bought some bamboo coral chip beads, which I knew would be perfect in one of these types of necklaces.
This is also the very first time I've done a chevron chain, which I found to be a very fun stitch. I suppose it's easier if you work with FireLine or Wildfire for this kind of beadwork. I used C-LON thread for this one, since I haven't used it yet and I've bought a couple of spools in different colors, among them a very dark red color that fitted perfectly with the beads. I had to pull a lot on my beadwork to keep the beads in place, that's why I think that a thread like FireLine or Wildfire would be easier to work with.
 I can't say that I really like C-LON. It's no difference in it then with Nymo, in my own opinion; It frays, it gets knots just as much and you have to condition it. At this point I wished I had picked up the red SoNo thread, lol. However I managed to get the job done in the end, even if I had some frustrating moments with the darn C-LON :P

1 comment:

Halinka said...

OMG! What a lovely coral fringe:-)
Fantastic beadwork!I can imagine ,how it would look matching the 'small-black' evening dress-for the contrast and the perfect exposition of that pretty necklace.
Warm Hugs-Halinka-

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