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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Simple Delica Bracelet

First I have to make a confession...
I have always been a bit skeptical about buying delicas or any cylinder beads at all, since I found them rather expensive from place to place. The second reason to why I haven't bought any is also cause I have a hard time picking out what colors I want, since there are... I think over 600 different ones.

So on Thursday I decided to put my stubbornness to the side and buy a couple of different colors. I bough about 10g of black opaque since I know that the main color I mostly work with is black. Then I also bought 5g of each a cream color, gray, crystal/coral lined and transparent coral.
I was actually surprised how many delicas there are per gram, compared to ordinary seed beads. And they are so... Perfect in shape and size, mostly all of them.

I wanted to try my hands on a peyote stitch pattern since I know a lot of people prefer to work delicas on peyote since they are even in size. I admit, working delicas with peyote makes the piece so much nicer then working with ordinary seed beads.
The pattern I chose to work with is from Bricol'Art, and can be found in their "Bead and Win" section on their website for free.

1 comment:

Halinka said...

'Simple'?? I wouldn't say that:-)
First: it is beautiful,in pastel colors.
Second: this technique demands a lot of patience and attention.It reminds me 'pixels' in the photo and tells me-it's more technical,than artistic job,but of course,the final effects-for a very patient person,can be really astounding.
I have worked recently with Delicas a little,that's why -I can have the comparison of working with all 'rounded' beads to the Delica's technique.In my opinion it is far more difficult.
Your bracelet is wonderful-I love it very much.
Warm Greetings-Halinka-

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