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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Two Rings a Week: Peyote

So this has been a very boring week - so far. The last week of the dutch course I'm doing and pretty much everything is done, and we had to do some boring stuff papers that the instructor gives us when she doesn't have anything to come with, yay.
So rather pointless.

But enough moaning!

I doodled a bit last night with some peyote stitching and decided to make a little ring using the same amount of seed beads, but with two different sizes, and yah, the result ended up pretty neat.

I also took myself some time to pop by in the store to see if they had anything on sale when it comes to beads. It's the lovely summer out sale so you never know. Well, I didn't manage to find anything that were on sale of the things that I got interested in, and pretty much everything were out that they had on sale. Bah, I knew I should have been out earlier.

But I got a few new finds that I can't complain about too much.

I found these little cute porcelain beads with this cute print on. I only picked up two. Damn, that store is SO overpriced. They charged 75 euro cent PER bead.

I've been drooling over these a few times when I went to that store, but I really never had the guts to buy 'em until now. I think they are about 6mm. Yep, I should get something to measure some of the stuff I'm unsecured about :P

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