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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Russian Spiral: Golden Sands

I finished up a commission I received a few days ago about a russian spiral necklace in white and golden shades. I made a similar one for my mother in law a while ago and someone had seen it and wanted one as well, heh :P

Personally it's not really  my favorite colors, when I first made it it was an experiment, and I wanted to get rid of some 8/0 in a golden sand mix that I had purchased a while ago, but never could find a use for heh.

I made it using 8/0's from that golden sand mix, and some white 11/0 Czech seed beads with a pearl luster reflection on the surface (I LOVE those ones).

Siblings :)
I've also been a little busy this week. I got two cute little kittens on Monday, and I've been busy entertaining 'em and keeping an eye on 'em. We already got an 7 year older cat so can't be too careful. She haven't done anything to the kitties (which ended up being two females), besides hissing and growling at them. Then after that display she's always been running upstairs, sulking :P



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