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Friday, July 22, 2011

Rainbow Shock

I bought this rainbow color mix of 11/0 seed beads around last year from Beadaholique. I decided that I wanted to use it, but I wanted to make the colors actually fade from one another towards the other. Yeh, I also had to add a few extra colors to the mix so it would look a lot softer then it did at first.

Since the color mix already was mixed, I decided to do the annoying work of sorting the colors from it. Phew, thank god for tweezers.

To make the base of the bracelet I used the Russian rope stitch, and then I fringed it. I made the toggle-clasp bigger then ordinary, simply cause I wanted to, and cause I've always made them smaller and it would make a nice contrasting effect (taste thing really).

It was actually the very first time I tried on making the Russian rope, but I found it rather fun, AND annoying, lol. I had to constantly keep my thread tight at all times; I think that must be because I'm using Nymo. Might be easier with FireLine or Wildfire, but duno, my more expensive thread is out of stock and tbh I'm one of those folks that actually likes Nymo.

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