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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We have to start somewhere

What to do with those leftovers?!

Okey, so I was going through some of my stuff and noticed some gemstone leftovers that I just didn't know what to use them for. Then after I did some of my daily surfing I got this idea of maybe beading it, and actually make something more with it than just using it for wire.
 I ended up making a little brooch ouch of it.
I actually have no idea of what kind of gemstone it is (but if anyone have a clue please tell me :) ), well I bought it in a bead gemstone mix where there were some gemstones I really didn't recognize.

I also managed to figure out what to do with those moonstone chip beads that had been laying around for a while. I'd got this idea after surfing around on DeviantArt a few times and noticed how a lot of jewelry makers had made trees with crafts wire and added the chipped gemstone beads as leaves. This one is made with 20 and 24 gauge silver-plated copper wire, and is about 50mm (5cm, 2") on height, tho the circle should be around 40mm (4cm, 1,6") in diameter.
I also added a 4mm jump ring so it can be used as either a pendant or a cellphone charm.

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