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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beaded Beads

Sat up last night and a gave it another hours earlier this noon and did some beaded beads out of 4mm glass pearls and some galvanized11/0 silver seed beads and a nylon thread.

I haven't really tried the "cross technique" before (crossing the thread or needles at one bead), and I kinda wanted to try it at some point after seeing it around a few times.

My problem was tho that I don't really have a store close by, that sells materials for jewelry making, but the closest one is in another city; I live in a smaller town with barely any stores at all. And I didn't make an order on Amazon (where I mainly get my supplies from) for only some nylon thread :P

Anyway, I find this method rather fun, and there should be some simple tutorials out there if anyone is interested; Da inet is BIG x)

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