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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pendant: Ocean Sprite

I've had this project on the side as I've been finishing up some of the bigger pieces I've been working on.
I began to work on it again when I finished up the previous piece I posted in the blog-post I made before this one.
If you've read some of my previous posts, the one called "Forest Sprite" and "Twilight Sprite", you can see that I've been starting a small collection in this sort of theme. I have an idea for each one of the pieces I want to make, I just lack some materials, so this one is probably the last one I'm gonna make for a while, at least until I stack up on the materials I need :)

For this pendant, which I call "Ocean Sprite", I wanted to capture the essence of the ocean. To make it more fluid I started out with basic curved lines, to resembles waves. I also ended up creating a very basic hombre effect, going from cobalt blue, which would resemble the dark depths of the ocean into a lighter turquoise color, resembling waves reaching for the surface. To create a sort of sea-foam effect I used seed beads with an opal effect surface treatment.

Personally I'm very satisfied with this piece and it says what I want it to say, from my own point of view of course, then it's up to each and everyone to make out what they want of it :)

 Have you ever tried to invoke a special feeling in your creations?


Gutukas said...

So much blue- for the blue lover perfect in summer. lovely bead embroidery ;)

Lyra said...


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