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Friday, March 22, 2013

Bead Embroidery Necklace

Been some time now since I had time to blog last time, my apologies :)

A few days I managed to finish up another bead embroidery piece, but we've been having it really dark and gloomy, weather wise, and I prefer to take my photos using the daylight rather then a lamp etc. So yes, I've been waiting patiently for the weather to clear up a bit so I could get a somewhat decent shot of this necklace. I have to admit tho, that I really had a hard time getting great photos of this necklace, maybe cause it has a lot of black and white? *shrug*

The idea from the beginning when it comes to this piece came a bit random to me. I was cutting out the new template I made for another bead embroidery collar I'm working on, and one piece of paper which I cut out ended up with the exact silhouette as this necklace has. I liked the shape of it so I decided to take it to the next level and make a, yeah, as you can see... A necklace :P

I've been wanting, for some time now, to create a black and white piece and that was the idea I had in mind. But indeed, as I worked I ended up incorporating some greys and some faceted red roundel beads. When I was playing around with the red beads in various places I couldn't help myself but to incorporate them, cause they were really "screaming" at me.
I also, finally, got to use the patched up shell cabochon I bought last year from an Etsy seller in the US. The person has two separate shops and he/she sells almost the same stuff in each of the stores; Balibagus & Cabcabana, I strongly recommend for you to take a look, especially if you're interested in hand-cut gemstone cabochons and hand-carved bone, the selection is wonderful and the seller keeps updating with new products at least ones a week, if not more :)
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