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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Book Review: Beautiful Beaded Ropes

My latest book purchase is "Beautiful Beaded Ropes" by Jill Wiseman, and I was so intrigued by this book that I had to share it with everyone.

One of the most common elements I think every beader is incorporating into their designs are beaded ropes. I know that my very first beadwork ever was in form of a beaded rope, Russian spiral to be precisely.
There are so many different possibilities and variations of beaded ropes it's even hard to keep track of them all.

In Jill Wiseman's Beautiful Beaded Ropes, Jill go through 5 basic rope techniques; spiral ropes, peyote ropes, netted ropes, herringbone ropes and right angle weave ropes.
She shares with us in this book a couple of different ways of using these basic techniques into some wonderful designs.
So far I've tried the dew drop spiral rope variation in shape of a bracelet. And I just love the result; the piece ends up with so much contrast and life compared to a simple spiral rope.
There is also a chapter where Jill shares with us a couple of other stitches and techniques.

At the end of the book, there are a couple of pages consisting of a wonderful photo gallery of creations not only by Jill herself, but also from a couple of other memorable designers, whom I personally love. You can get lost just by staring at them.

If you're interested in getting your hands at this wonderful book, I recommend to pick it up at "The Book Depository". They have lots of different titles, and they deliver world wide for free.


Gutukas said...

Thanks for the great review- I would also like to try this rope- (have the book, too :))(just downloaded).

Halinka said...

As You probably have seen-I also have this book in my collection,but I can say-I am seriously disappointed.I've bought it for some new solutions about the bead woven ropes,but I cannot see anything really interesting there.The techniques presented in the book make the impression of looking somehow 'messy',on the verge of free stitches and something sorted out a bit.This book is to have-watch-read and forget:-)Not very good and instructive example,in my opinion.In the scale of 1-10 points-I'd give it 4 points.
Warm Greets-Halinka-

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