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Monday, January 21, 2013

Necklace: Steampunk Heart

Yesterday evening I decided to start another blog, a blog where I will focus on stuff that pretty much has nothing to do with my jewelry creations, but where I'll share more about myself and what is happening around me on an almost daily basis. You can get directly to my new blog by clicking here:)

Why I mentioned that is cause I recently posted an entry that features a polymer clay creation I did about a week ago, featuring some Steampunk pieces.

I decided to incorporate one of the Steampunk hearts I created with polymer clay into a necklace piece, something a little more simple where the heart would be the focus.
I bead embroidered around the heart with glass pearls and seed beads to get the result I was looking for, with some tweaking in between.
As for the chain, there are a couple of glass beads in amber color attached on a beading wire on each side - there are two separate pieces that goes into, or between the beading foundation and the backing. The rest of the chain consists of copper link, which I created myself. Gosh, it was a load of work creating that handmade chain... I had to file down the edges of the jump-rings to make sure they wouldn't be sharp, cause before I did this I tried the chain on myself and it really hurt my skin around the neck. Then I hammered each one of the jump-rings with a rubber hammer, to make them harder, so they wouldn't loose their shape - oh dear, I can't remember how many times I hit myself on the fingers with that rubber hammer, lol.
I apologize though, as you can't see the chain and the clasp on the picture, I really need to get my hands on a designer bust soon, lol...

To sum things up; this was my very first Steampunk related piece ever, and I had lots of fun creating it. Besides the Steampunk theme I also wanted to give it a little bit of vintage feel to it - I don't do vintage too often really so I have no idea if I succeeded :P

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Gutukas said...

Very beautiful. ;)

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