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Friday, February 8, 2013

So what's up?

For this past two weeks I've been working on pretty three different bead embroidery projects at the same time, and thought I would share a little work in progress pic :)

I've been having one of these projects in mind for quite some time, I've just never dared to start on it cause I know for a fact that this is gonna take ages to finish; a bead embroidered clutch! I've actually been thinking about either a classical handbag or a clutch. I figured that I would give the smaller "clutch" a try, since I actually want to design the whole thing. I mean as in designing the silhouette myself as well. I've seen a lot of other beaders doing bead embroidery on a bag, but those I've seen I've noticed that they already took a completed bag and then embellished it with bead embroidery. I have background in sewing, and I just love playing around with a sewing machine, and the work I was involved in before I moved to Belgium was in a sewing studio. Although I'm just gonna hand-sew the clutch as the machine wont be able to cope with the beads, clearly :P

The other, bit thing to the right I've been working on, which is almost completed is a bead embroidered collar. I took a different toll design wise when I wanted to make this one.
The inspiration came pretty when I was thinking back to a couple of years ago when that volcano in Iceland erupted "Ejafjallajökull". What I heard on the news from a biologist, normally it doesn't take too long before the greatest volcano on Iceland, "Hekla", erupts as well. Cause according to him each time the other one have erupted, the bigger one follows.
Watching the fantastic and beautiful photographs of the lava sprouting out from the volcano (I went back and watched 'em) gave me the idea for this necklace.

The little bead embroidery project in the middle is actually another pendant, which will be in the same style as the two previous ones; "Forest Sprite" and "Twilight Sprite".

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