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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pendant: Forest Sprite

Yesterday I managed to finish up this pendant, created with bead embroidery.
I'm currently working on a bigger bead embroidery collar again, and during the day I ended up with this idea of making a few small pendants in different colors with the same rectangle shape. After working pretty much non-stop on the collar I wanted a change in materials and colors and decided to start on two of these little pendants that I planned just to get a little break.
This pendant is attached to a 42cm long copper chain and the closure is a lobster-clasp, also in copper.

The idea I have for these pendants is that I'm gonna make a few inspired by natural elements, and the first one, called "Forest Sprite" is inspired by the shear simple beauty of the forest. I'm also working on a second one, but I'm not gonna reveal anything about it yet, not until it's completed and posted here, on my blog.


Gutukas said...

A very beautiful colour ;) and pendant. I am too working on two projects, because I get bored easily.

Halinka said...

Thank You very much for Your warm comments upon my present situation.Such consolation is very needed for me now.
The pendant is LOVELY 6 CHARMING.I love the design,the glass leaves used and the beautiful bezel of both rivolis.The color is of course my favorite-the smaragde green a ├Žlittle of the blue shadows in some places-it really reminds the forest.Fantastic work-very inspiring-I have put the photo to my files with pleasure.
I have stopped my beading and have started packing our things.Not so long from now,we'll be in the new place.
Warm Greetings-Halinka-

Lyra said...

Wonderful ... I love the colors!!!

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