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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Simply Seeds {Peyote Star Earrrings}

Yeah, I've been on an earrings making spree this week whenever I've been feeling it. This time I made three pair of earrings from Beadwork Magazine, the June/July 2012 issue. I thought this design was so cute and yet so very simple. They are made with circular peyote stitch and the design is by Barbara Richard.

Also I'm going to add that this might be the very final post I make here on my blog before I go on vacation to Sweden. Me and my boyfriend are departing from Brussels next week, on Wednesday the 29th of August. We're going to be back the 7th of September, so there's most likely not going to be much posting, since I also decided not to take my laptop with me :)
My bf also got his hands on a camcorder last week, so I'm gonna have fun recording our trip and I might show some stuff, heh.
We're going to almost as far north you can get, and then we're going closer to the Norwegian border to look at the national park near Abisko together with my grandparents. My bf hasn't really seen the true nature of Sweden yet, the big woods and the high mountains as last time he was there we were at the north-eastern coast :)

If I don't post anything more this week, I'm wishing everyone a fabulous summer, even though it's almost over, I hope that everyone had a wonderful summer ♥

1 comment:

Halinka said...

What a fine collection of 'Star' earrings:-)It's so nice to see so many of them at time.They look so nice,as the design's so decorative.I love the colors too.If I had to choose-of course,I'd wear the blue-green ones,as they are in my favorite colors.
Warm Greetings-Halinka-

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