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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

BTW - 1st of August

So this week I have a bead embroidery project in process that I wanted to share. This is how it looks so far, when I took the photo earlier today. Now, I'm a little bit further on it, heh.
This piece I'm showing here is one piece that I'm going to attach to a collar, which I'm going to do last. Reason to why I'm starting on the collar last is cause I need a bigger ultrasuede piece for the backing, as it is way to big for the standard size which is being sold in most beading stores, and I don't want to "PATCH" anything together, I just want one solid piece so the backside also looks perfect. I searched around Etsy some time ago after retailers on Ultrasuede and I finally found someone that just seemed awesome; Suedeshop. I bought two bigger pieces, one in my favorite backing color; Violine and one for this necklace I'm working on; Country Cream.

The feeling I wanted to reach in this piece is more of a baroque, Victorian kind of style. And I decided to incorporate a small cabochon which is a portrait of Marie Antoinette, since she's such a big style icon, representing that area. Me personally am not really a huge fan of a person that did what she did, which lead to her being decapitated, heh. Still, I choose to incorporate her into the peice :d

The center part is a heart shaped rose quartz cabochon, which I bezelled  using some 11/0 delicas and 15/0 seed beads. Then we have a 14mm Swarovski rose rivoli, which is surrounded by 4mm Swarovski pearls. Then I "painted" a feather to the left side of the rose quartz.

I'll probably post more updates as it progresses :)


Pookledo said...

Looks interesting. I look forward to seeing how it progresses :)

Beads2yarn said...

Probably post your progress??? No I really hope you DO!!! this is a stunner, and you've just started. Please post your progress I'd love to see the finished piece of art..

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