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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back in Belgium and did some Wire-Wrapping!

I'm back home in Belgium again, after having one of the most awesome vacations ever! Seriously though! :O

Sharing some photo's I took along the way :)

We set out on Wednesday 29th of August, and we spent the entire day at the airport... Pretty much, heh. Landed in Luleå, Kallax - airport at 22.10, to after picking up the luggage go to my mom and spend the night and approx. one more night there.

On Friday my grandmother and her husband came to pick us up to drive all the way to Kiruna. We spent the whole weekend there, walking and driving around, showing my other half some stuff that definitely can't be seen in Belgium. And also got to show him some old silly childhood places :P He also got to taste the famous moose-meat-soup (älgköttsoppa in Swedish) I've been going on about for ages, and came to his senses that it is divine, lol.

On Monday we ended up taking the bus to Luleå, to go and see my aunt and cousins. My bf told me that he's never, ever sat so long on a bus in his entire life (lol, almost 5hours drive with bus), and kept saying that if he did the same in Belgium, he would end up in a completely different country!
Anyway! ^^
We spent almost the rest of the week, till Thursday evening at my aunt's place, being social until we went back to my mom's place. She was the only one that could take time off to drive us to the airport in the morning :)
That rock is a sacrificial site where some of the Sami have been sacrificing reindeer to their deities.

So yeah! Back home, and it actually feels nice to have personal space and my lil' studio again, lol. Although, I ended up getting a darn heavy cold from one of my cousins and it's kept me in bed pretty much the entire weekend, I'm just now starting to feel a lot better again.
Went nuts on Sunday and ordered a metal block along with a chasing hammer and a rubber hammer, some copper wire in different gauges and finishes, and some additional beads that "accidentally jumped" into the shopping basket, LOL.
One of the most amazing wonders nature has created. It's called "Lapporten".

The hammers and the metal block arrived before the additional wire I purchased, so I went on and played with some older silver-plated copper wire I've been having around for quite some time. I ended making a pair of hoop-earrings which I actually rather love, heh. I used 20 and 24 gauge wire to make them, and used some 3mm firepolished Czech glass beads along with some cubic zirconia tear drops for the center of the earrings.
A long waterfall in Abisko National Park.
My grandmother and her husband in the Church of Kiruna.

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